Assembly Points

The usual assembly points for our walks are Sydenham Villas, Dundrum for weekend walks and the car park of the Stepaside Golf Centre on week days. Both of these locations can be accessed by public transport; the Luas Green Line and bus routes 44, 44b, 75 and 110 in the case of Dundrum and bus routes 44 and 118 for Kilternan. Lifts can generally be arranged from the assembly point to the start of the walk. Other assembly points may be specified depending on the walk.

Before the walk

Arrive at the assembly point early, whether by car or public transport, as cars will depart at the time stated on the programme. Car pooling will be arranged by the leader to keep the number of cars to a minimum.  Cars and their passengers will return to the assembly point after the walk. The leader will give an approximate finish time in advance to those who may be concerned about other engagements later that day, However it is not permitted to leave a walk before its conclusion in order to undertake other personal engagements.


During the walk
  • Always adhere to leader’s instructions and do not go ahead of the leader without express permission.
  • Inform the leader if you find the pace too brisk or you notice another member of the party in discomfort or difficulties.
  • Attend to any foot problems at the first signs and advise the leader.
  • Never leave the party, even briefly, without informing the leader.
  • Exercise care when crossing fences, gates and walls, repair any damage done by crossing.
  • Gates should be left as they were before the party arrived, i.e. open or closed. If a gate cannot be opened, they should be crossed on the hinged side. .
  • Take all rubbish home with you.
  • Note the route being followed on a map as this will greatly increase your ability to read maps and add interest to the walk.
  • Mobile phones should be switched off during the walk.
  • Passengers are required to make a contribution towards the driver’s transport costs.
  • Remember: Members participate in club activities at their own risk.