Our walks are graded as A, B, C or D. A walks are generally strenuous, B walks moderate and C moderate but easier than B. D walks are easiest, on tracks and shorter..

On Wednesday there is an A walk, a B walk and sometimes a D walk. There is an B walk on Saturday and Sunday. There is also a C walk on either Saturday or Sunday.

More details of each walk will be on the website.

This gives an indication of the walks we do

A: A typical walk could be Art’s Lough, Kelly’s Lough and Lugnaquilla comprising a distance of 17 km, ascent of 750 m and taking 6 1/2 hours.

B: A typical walk could be Scarr Mountain, a distance of 14 km, 600 m of ascent and 5  hours.

           C: A typical walk could be the Brockaghs, distance around 12km, 400 m of ascent and 4-5 hours

D: An easy hike could be Vartry Lakes, a distance of 10 km, gradual ascent and a walking time of 4 hours.

The walk time includes a lunch break.

These numbers are indicative only and leaders can, and do, vary walks according to preference and conditions.