We are always keen to welcome new members to the club whether they are veteran or first time walkers. To become a member of HF Walking Club you must successfully complete three walks, two of which must be full day walks. When contacted, the club secretary will discuss with you which of the upcoming walks are most suitable for you and give you the information to allow you go on the walk.

To join the Club you need to fill in the walks qualification form. Download it here, print it and bring it with you on the first walk. For convenience you may enter your contact details on the form before heading out as conditions on a walk are not always ideal  for form filling. The leader and you will fill in the relevant parts and you give the leader €5 and the top part of the form.

You keep the bottom part of the form. Bring this with you on the remaining two qualifying walks and the leader will sign it to show you have successfully completed the walks.. When you have completed the three walks, give the form with the balance  (currently €35) of the annual subscription to the walks leader who will return it to the club secretary. You will then be a member, subject to approval, and will be put on the HF mailing list and will given  full access to the HF website.